Mr. and Mrs. (Sally Ann) Wesley L. Blackwell lived in Oakwood in 1919 and 1920. At that time he preached at the
United Brethren Church in Oakwood. He also was the minister for the Lake Shore Church which was west of
Oakwood on the Old State Road and the Mr. Vernon Church located four miles south of Oakwood on the Catlin Road.
Reverend Blackwell and family moved back to Oakwood in 1933 and he was again minister for the United Brethren
Church. He was also minister for the United Brethren Church in Hillery. Following his service to these two
churches he retired from the ministry.
There were nine children in the Blackwell family;
Stewart, Ellen, John, Herbert, Paul, Evelyn, Merle (Bill), Joe and Bob.
Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell moved from Oakwood to Lee Center, Illinois in 1948 where they lived next door to their daughter Evelyn.
Mrs. Sally Ann Blackwell passed away on March 18, 1953 and Reverend Blackwell passed away on June 18,

Their names can be found on the back pew in the Oakwood First Evangelical Methodist Church in Oakwood.
We had great parents, we sure have missed them. Reverend Blackwell, Oakwood.

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