Brandon Wilson Oakwood

Henry J. and Priscilla Oakwood. William married Anna Longstreth (1859-1940), a daughter of
Benjamin and Elizabeth Boord Longstreth. Anna had brothers, Samuel B. and Elijah Newton
Longstreth. William Oakwood died in 1922 and both he and Anna are buried in the Oakwood Cemetery.
Their children were; Fred, Charles, Elizabeth (Bess), Deane, Grace and Marian. Grace wed Perry Wilson.
James Wilson was born in 1856 and died in

He wed Nancy Jane Mason, 1863-1956. In later years they lived in the large house at the northwest corner of Scott and Collett Street. That house once was the Hotel. Jim and Nancy Wilson’s children were; Ella Lee, 1887-1937, Icel Lene 1888- 1940, Gladolia 1889-1940, Mary 1891, Jesse 1892, Perry 1893-1964, John 1895-1896, Patsy 1896-1897, Dewey Francis 1898, Grace Ann 1901, Mildred 1902 William Oakwood was born in 1853, a son of Sally Brandon Heckler, Jane Brandon Scott &
Jean Brandon Baer – Twins, Jo Ann Brandon Wallace and Susan 1904. Perry Leneve Wilson was bom June 10, 1893 and died July 5, 1965. Those that remember him said that he was a likeable guy, quite a character and often called “Pudge” by his friends. He wed August 5, 1914, Grace Oakwood, bom September 7, 1893, died April 4, 1970. They are buried in the
Oakwood Cemetery. Their children were: Wendel Ross, born Oct. 17, 1916, Wilma Lucille, born February 4, 1917, Perry Eugene, bom January 1, 1919, Betty Lou (Wolfe), born October 26, 1920, Maijorie Anne (McNamara), bom July 8, 1922, Phylis Jane (Cast), bom September 17, 1924, Marian Elizabeth (Stevens), bom February 17, 1928, Carole Dean, born June 29, 1932, and twin girls, Lena Grace (Long), and Lela Pearl (who died in infancy). The twins were born January 30, 1934. Joseph Brandon was bom July 1, 1914, He wed November 2, 1939 to Wilma Lucille Wilson. Wilma was bom February 4, 1917 in Oakwood. Wilma graduated Oakwood Grade School and Oakwood High School. Joe attended Fairmount High School. Joe and Wilma lived at 201 North Oakwood Street. Joe passed away February 7, 1987. Wilma has since moved to 30 Pattie Drive. She
is a member of the Oakwood Methodist Church. Joe and Wilma’s children are; Jo Ann (Wallace), bom February 23, 1941 and twins, Karen Jean (Baer), and Sharon Jane (Scott), bom Aug. 18, 1942 and Sally Sue (Heckler), bom November 8,1946.

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