Henry W. Bridgman was bom December 25, 1869, and was educated in the Whigville, Ohio area. In his early twenties he came to Oakwood. He was living at a boarding house in Oakwood and working in a local coal mine when he met and married Lizzie Pate. Lizzie’s parents were William G. Pate and Annie Pritchard Pate. They owned and operated a general grocery store on Main Street in Oakwood as well as the boarding house. Lizzie was bom March 4, 1879, and married Henry, February 12, 1895. Lizzie died May 18,1977 and Henry, February 1, 1961. About 1907 or 1908 they were influenced into moving to Arkansas by friends from Arkansas who said that it was the ideal place to live. Henry and Lizzie lived there until 1915 when a big
flood came and took everything they had. They moved back to Oakwood with their family of eight children. Glen married Ruth Redmond and lived in the Clinton, Indiana, area working the coal mines. They had one son. Gordon married Chrystal Van Allen and lived in Oakwood where they owned and operated the Standard Oil Station on the corner of Route 150 and Oakwood Street. They had two daughters, Mae Bridgman, and Jean, who married Lester Wolfe. Ula V. married Mattie Rossnett and lived in the Fairmount, Illinois area. Their children were LaVerne, who, married Tom Squires; Josephine, who married George King; Winona, who married Robert Smith; and John who married Ruth Dolbee. Anna married Zanol Ellis and lived in the Danville area. Their children were; Fred Balbach, Mr. & Mrs. William Pate who married Dottie; Elmer (Tex) Balbach, who married Patricia. Elmer and Patricia lived in the area around East Detroit, Michigan. Josephine married Wesley Saul. Josephine worked for the Federal Government and Wesley was employed by the Rock Island Railroad. Upon their retirement they moved to Minnesota for fourteen years before moving to Oakwood in 1974. Wesley passed away in 1984. Henry married Dorthea Van Allen and engaged in farming in the Potomac area. They had one son Larry, who married Sarah, and one daughter, Janet, who married Bruce Andrews. Hardy married Mary Burley and lived near Hammond, Indiana, where Hardy worked for the Standard Oil Company. Upon their retirement they moved to Danville, Illinois. They had two sons,
Phil and Val. Paul married Anna Carnaghi and lived in Detroit, Michigan. Before retirement Paul was employed by the Federal Government in the Post Office Department. His job consisted of locating cities and towns for new post office sites. Oakwood was one of these. They had three daughters, Sandy, who married Ray Angers; Sharon, who married Dave Mazureck; and Linda, who married Jerry Welcaner; and a son Michael. Ballard married Marie Clapper. Ballard worked for General Motors and upon his retirement moved to Naperville, Illinois. Their three sons are Robert, who married Linda; James, who married
Cindy; and Jack, who married Pauline; and one daughter Carole Bridgman. Robert passed away early in life.

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