Clyde Brothers was born June 19, 1893. He was the son of Joseph Brothers (February 13, 1861-September 7, 1922) and Nora (Vinson) Brothers (March 17,1871-December 22, 1938).
Stella Melvina Baird was bom January 30,1891. She was the daughter of Frank Baird (October
22, 1854-July 22,1929) and Louisa (Mendenhall) Baird (June 15,1854-December 30, 1936).
Clyde Brothers and Stella Baird of Ridgefarm were married on September 20, 1914. They made
their home at the Brothers homestead, three miles northwest of Oakwood. Both were members of
pioneer Vermilion County families. Two children were bom to this union: Joseph (December 11,
1916) and Esther (October 6, 1918).
Clyde died February 21, 1919 at age 25. Following her husband’s death, Stella managed the
farm, taught school and raised her two children. She married Sam Baldwin later in life.
Joseph married Margaret Richter and their two children are Joellen and Judy. Esther married
Maurice Elmore and their three children are Joseph Vinson, Steve, and Jane Ann.

Edwin and Martha Olehy Brothers retired from fanning in 1919 and moved to 302 Finley
Street, Oakwood, from the family farm east of Brother’s Station, R. R. # 1, Oakwood.
They had three children, Gertie, Mabel, and Dick.
Mary Gertrude (Gertie ) married Owen Hoult and resided in Chrisman, Illinois.
Dean (Dick) married Minta Stuebe and they resided in the Oakwood area. Dean was stricken at
an early age with infantile paralysis which left him paralyzed from the waist down. He served as
Oakwood Township Clerk from the spring of 1917 until his death February 20, 1939. His wife,
Minta, served as clerk until April 1945. Minta married Verne Swisher on October 26, 1942. Verne
was town barber for several years. Verne passed away July 26,1983, and Minta passed away March
16, 1987.
Mabel married Laurence Clapp. In 1920 they moved to a farm at New Richmond, Indiana,
returning in 1935 to the Brother’s family farm by Brother’s Station. They had one daughter, Maiy
Ruth. After Laurence’s death on June 13, 1960, Mabel moved to Oakwood. She passed away
February 14, 1971.
Their daughter, Mary Ruth Clapp, married William Grimes, son of Elmer and Flossie Grimes, of
the Newtown area. Mary and Bill resided west of Newtown until he retired from farming in 1977.
They moved to 306 South Seymour Street in Oakwood and Mary still resides there. Bill passed
away June 30, 1987.
They had four children: Walter Dean, Mary Darlene, Ruth Ann, and Robert William.
Walter Dean Grimes is a farmer in the Oakwood area. He has served as a trustee of Oakwood
Township since 1970. He married Nancy Haskell. They have two sons, Dean and Daniel. Dean was
formerly with the State Bank of Oakwood. He married Dianne Lucht and has a daughter, Megan
Sue. Presently they live in Rossville, Illinois, and Dean is executive vice-president at the National
Bank of Rossville.
Daniel is an industrial engineer at General Motors, Danville. He resides at 203 West Finley,
Oakwood, with his wife, Nancy Kovanic Grimes and son, Thomas Walter (Tommy).
Darlene Grimes has taught in the English Department at Danville High School for 30 years.
She resides in Danville with her husband, Ted Miller, and son, Brett. Brett is a junior at Concordia
University at River Forest, Illinois.
Ruth Grimes resides in Danville with her husband, Tom Goodwin, Jr. She is employed at
Educational Personnel Credit Union. She has a son, Jason Traylor. He is a graduate of Kemper
Military School in Boonville, Missouri.
Robert Grimes has retired from General Motors. He lives on R. R. #1, Oakwood with his wife,
Nancy Leemon Grimes, and son, Adam. Adam is an eighth grader at Newtown Middle School .
They also have four daughters.
Amy and Mandi Grimes reside in Danville. Amy is employed at Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Mandi
is employed at the Sycamore Shop at the Village Mall.
Amie Howard Thompson lives in Oakwood with her husband, John. She is employed in the
insurance department at the United Samaritans Medical Center, Logan Campus.
Lisa Howard Krage lives in rural Oakwood with her daughter, Chelsey. She is employed at
Vermilion County Animal Shelter Tilton, Illinois.

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