Phillip Cadle, son of George and Elizabeth (Saunders) Cadle, lived on a farm west of Danville. In 1875 he married America Seymour, daughter of Abraham Hutton Seymour and Evelyn (Allen) Seymour. They moved to the Cadle farm east of Rossville.
They had four children: Lillian, born 1876; Maude, bom December 11, 1878; George, bom March 23,1881 and Dora, born February 28,1883. Lillian Cadle married Hays Ross. Maude Cadle married S. J. Miller. George Cadle married Elma Briggs December 27, 1905. Dora Cadle was bom February 28, 1883 , and died November 1952, having never married.
George and Elma Cadle had one son, John Phillip Cadle, bom October 7, 1906.. On January 1936 he married Mildred Hall. John and Mildred moved to the Cadle farm, living in the house on the north side of Attica Street east of Rossville. America Cadle died in 1933 and Phillip Cadle in 1934.

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