Parris Trimmell was born 1842 and died July 23, 1878. He was wed April 23, 1863 to Sarah Mary Cork, (1843-1868). They were buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery, north of Oakwood. Their son, Kelly Cork Trimmell was bom September 3, 1867 and 1 died December 28, 1942. He was j wed January 1, 1900 to Grace ‘ Blanche Young (1879-1949), a daughter of William and Anna Liggett Young. Kelly and Grace Trimmell were the parents of Dorothy Grace Trimmell who wed Harold Shroyer. John Shroyer, who died March 30, 1937 married November 27, 1876 to Effie Fenton, born August 15, 1862 and died December 15, 1942.
They were the parents of Thomas Allen Shroyer, born December 29, 1880 and died December 18, 1966. He wed January 7, 1905 to Lillie May . Shue born March 24, 1884 and died November 22, 1950. Their m son Harold Shroyer, born August S£il 24, 1907 and died January 2, ; 1972, married Dorothy Grace jj; Trimmell, March 28, 1927. 1] Dorothy was born May 8, 1910
and died May 14, 1987. Harold and Dorothy made their home at Missionfield, southeast of Oakwood. Their children were;
1) Dorothy Mae, born Sept. 30, 1930, died July 7, 1976, and wed June 12, 1945 to Robert Keene, born October 12, 1930.
Their children were; Robert II, Nita Kay, Steven, Richard and Kathy. Trimmell House Trimmell Farm Bam & Hay Barn
2) Anita J. who wed James A. Chatt. 3) Jon Allen born November 26, 1942 and wed September 5, 1964 to Barbara Mallinson, bom December 26, 1942. Their one Trimmell Family. Grandmother, Don, Kelly, Paris, Ruth& son, Allen James Shroyer.

James A. Chatt was born February 16, 1922 at Veedersburg, Indiana. He attended Veedersburg Elementary School, Hillsboro High School, University of Indiana, Purdue, University of Illinois and Indiana State. Jim was in World War II, serving in the US Army Mountain Artillery from June 6, 1940 to February 13, 1943. Jim wed August 31, 1952 to Anita Shroyer at the Oakwood Christian Church with services performed by Rev. Cornett. Anita was born June 27, 1930 at Missionfield. She attended
Missionfield Grade School, Oakwood Township High School, St. Elizabeth School of Nursing and Eastern Illinois
University. Jim and Anita make their home in Missionfield. They belong to the Oakwood Christian Church and the
Eastern Star. Jim also belongs to the Masons, Shriners, American Legion, D.A.V. and has been a Boy Scout leader.
Their children are; 1) James A. Chatt II, born August 4, 1956. He wed January 3,1980 to Patricia Ann Bressler, born July 7,1958.
2) Melinda Chatt, bom May 13, 1964 who wed October 25, 1986 to Mark Garfield, bom November 12, 1956. Jim and Anita’s Chatt’s grandchildren are: James Allen Chatt III, Helen Josephine Chatt, Timothy James Pruitt, Marissa and Michael Garfield.
Jim & Anita Chatt Ira Peters, son of William and Ezra Baker Peters, married Lula Smith, the daughter of John and
Nancy Wright Smith, on July 21,Two daughters were bom of this union, Garnett and Dorothy. Mr. Peters was a State
Licensed Barber and a constable for twenty-four years. He also worked at the Union Coal Mine that mined what later became
Kickapoo State Park. In 1919 the Peters family purchased the house now belonging to the Thompson family across the
street from the State Bank of Oakwood. Remodeling was done and many changes took place at that time. Mr. and Mrs. Peters
continued to live in that house for many years. Garnett Peters married Martin Campbell and moved to Chicago. After retirement they moved to Sun City West, Arizona, where they both died in 1992. Dorothy Peters married Truman Chew of Sidell, Illinois, April 21, 1933, and one daughter was born, Carole in 1935. Carole was born in the house in Oakwood.
The Chews lived in sidell for five years. In 1940 they moved to
Oakwood, first living at the comer of route 10 and US 150 in the
Texaco Gas Station, which had a kitchen, dining area, and a large bedroom in the back. With Peter’s death in 1941 the family moved in to live with Mrs. Peters. The house was later purchased by the Chews and more remodeling was done.
Mrs. Peters continued to live there until her death in 1959, although for a short period of time Truman was transferred to Fairview, Illinois. Mr. Chew worked at Oakwood Coal Company and later at Frontenac Coal Company. Mr. Chew was elected Mayor of Oakwood about 1945. He was paid Young Boy Bottom Left – Grandfather Ira Peters.
Lula Smith Peters & Ira Peters $1.00 per board meeting which equaled $13.00 a year. He also received free telephone service and several telephone numbers, 2141 City Hall, 2151 Police, and 2161 Fire. Of course at that time there
was no police and fire department. Mr. Chew was instrumental in the purchase of a fire truck. Many fund raising events were held towards this acquisition. Mr. Chew remained in office until his job transfer to Fairview. They moved back to Oakwood and lived there until his last transfer to Terre Haute, Indiana. They lived there in retirement until Mr. Chew died in 1976. Mrs Chew moved back to Oakwood and lived south of town where coal had been mined by Mr. Chew at Oakwood Coal Company. She then moved to Prospect Heights, Illinois, in 1980 after suffering a stroke, and she made her home with her
daughter until her death in 1984. Carole Chew married Jean LaVoie of Chicago, Illinois, in October, 1953. Five daughters and one son were born of this union. The two oldest living in Oakwood for a short time. Mr. LaVoie worked at Vermilion Power Station as the superintendent in charge of Plumbing Construction. In 1955 the Lovoies moved to a suburb of Chicago where they lived until October of 1956 when they moved back to Oakwood. Jean was sent back to run the Plumbing Construction of Tee Pak. On September 11, 1957, the Lovoies moved permanently to the Chicago suburb of Prospect Heights where they lived
until 1990. Since they retired in 1987 they spend their winters in Harlingen, Texas, and the summers in Seneca, Illinois. Jeanne lives in Minneapolis, and Susan lives in Coraopolis, Pa. The other three children live in the suburbs of Chicago, and the youngest daughter is deceased.

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