Family members have traced the Clapp Family
History back as far as the year 1727. The spelling has
been changed from the original Klapp. There is a Klapp
castle near Bingen on the Rhine in Germany from which
the ancestors originated. George Valentine Klapp and
his brother, John Ludwig Klapp, sailed in 1727 from
Rotterdam and landed in Philadelphia September 27.
There were 72 others from the Palatinate Region aboard
“The James Goodwill”. Some of the families settled in
!\ Pennsylvania and North Carolina. John Barnhardt
(Barney) Clapp was of 12 children. His son John Clapp
married Catherine Starr about June 8, 1805 or 1807.
From that marriage were 8 children.
Elizabeth Clapp born 01/24/1811. Married
Augustine Clapp 12/22/1835. She died August
16, 1882.
Maria Barbara Clapp born 12/29/1818.
Married Abraham Long 12/10/1837. She died
Judith (Judy) Clapp born 04/08/1812.
Married Jasphus Blair 06/10/1841. She died
Daniel Clapp born 1815.
Temperance Roney 04/04/1842.

He died
Mamie D. Lucas Clapp & Sardis Clapp 4.

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