Hopefully cousins can help with this translation. I’m including the original document below.  What I can translate is Town of Locana, Province of Turin, Birth Certificate.

Official registered certificate of birth.
Named Maria Caterina Negri.  Nationality Italian
Father: Giacomo and Mother Maria Francesca Pezzetti
Born: November 18, 1874 in Locana
I’m fuzzy on guessing at the next part.  If must be time. So I’m going to guess 2:05 in the morning.

I’m guessing the rest of the document tells where it is recorded.  I also find it interesting that it has the date December 30, 1950.  So I don’t know if this is a copy requested in 1950 or …… no idea. I only know a little Italian, so someone else may be able to tell me more about what it says.  I know my great grandmother got citizenship sometime after this, so maybe this was needed for her paperwork.  The document looked to be pretty old before I got a copy so it’s possible that it

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