Muncie Illinois

Muncie Illinois is a small town – population approx 200 located between route 150 and Interstate 75… to the east of Fithian Illinois and the west of the Oakwood High School (previously known as the Oakwood Township High School).   Muncie was platted by Edward Corbly on land originally owned by Edward Corbly.  Originally the town was to be named Corbly but plans were changed to Independence, Illinois before the final decision to name the town Muncie, Illinois.

Shortly after Muncie was platted, Corbly made a deal with the railroad to put a railroad station in Muncie.  The train station was built by Corbly and is referenced by Dr. Fithian in a letter mentioning that that Corbly would need to find a way to supply water for the railroad and Dr. Fithian didn’t expect the plan to work out.

Shortly after a rumor says that Corbly brought cattle up from Texas that exposed the area to Texas Cattle Fever and caused a large cattle die off.  Documentation does show that Corbly had to sell of his farm and moved to Missouri.  Corbly sold his farm to Senator Cannon at the time for $35,000 – a large form encompassing a large area to the east of Muncie.  The land is still used as farmland.

The town of Muncie remained a small town mainly for the families of miners to live in.  Shortly after the founding of the town, Walnut Creek Baptist Church moved to Muncie and renamed itself to Muncie Baptist Church.  The town still is located near it’s same location and is still a popular gathering spot for the town.

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