With the new technology that exists, it’s amazing the things you can find and see.  While researching Muncie Illinois I had located an old map from the early 1900s. I’ve been trying to match up the streets and find where the original train station was.   To match up the map, I was able to pull up the aerial maps from Google Maps. The map not only includes the streets, but you can see an aerial picture of the locations.   I can zoom in and out and move around.  I also was able to follow the path of the google car and look around as if I was driving down the street in Muncie.  The car took the route down Main street and turned onto 150.

Following the Google car route, you can have a 360 degree view around the car!

From the areal, I’ve been able to make out the ball field – which I assume must still be in use.  The school which is now being used by the church, and the church with their parking lot.  I have pictures of all my favorite spots from the roadside, but the maps are great for comparing with the historic maps.

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