After the Wall Street Crash of 1929, the largest stock market crash in American history, most of the decade was consumed by an economic downfall called the Great Depression that had a traumatic effect worldwide, leading to widespread unemployment and poverty, especially in the United States, an economic superpower, and Germany, who had to deal with the reparations regarding World War I. The Dust Bowl in the United States further emphasised the scarcity of wealth. Herbert Hoover worsened the situation with his failed attempt to balance the budget by raising taxes. Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected, as a response, in 1933, and introduced the New Deal. The founding of the Civilian Conservation Corps and the funding of numerous projects helped restore prosperity in the US.

In April 29, 1938, , the State Bank of Oakwood was robbed by Joseph Earlywine. Earlywine and gang were caught by the FBI on a farm by Penfield Il.

In 1941, Pearl Harbor pulled the US into WWII.


Danville Morning Press

The State of Illinois considered the railroad crossings at Bronson west of Oakwood and Range Road, just east of Oakwood as dangerous. They suggested building a hard road from Bronson Oakwood along the south side of the railroad. At Oakwood the road would turn south on Seymour Street one block, thence east one block to Oakwood Street where it would go south to the State Road. The local citizens did not like this idea at all. Why spend good tax dollars for a road on the south side of the railroad when there was already a hard road along the north side from Bronson to Oakwood?

A citizen’s group suggested instead that the township road just west of Bronson be paved south to the old State Road then east on the State Road to Range Road. While the State would have to pave more road, they wouldn’t have to purchase any right of way. Several farmers along the way would benefit by getting out of the mud, besides which the State would be hard pressed to find a jury who would condemn the land so they could buy said right of way. The State finally agreed and today we know this hard road as US 150.


The Oakwood American Legion Auxiliary received its charter from the National President and forwarded it to the Department of Illinois at Chicago, March 2, 1934. ,

The Charter membership roll included:

Martha Bailey

Vera Longstreth

Myrtle Patterson

Flora Giacone

Louella Dalbey

Gladys Eldridge

Jennie Burke

Emily Ingalsbe

Leah Snyder

Minerva Hodges

Magdalena Giacone

Zona Downing

Orpha Graham

Mary Fahey

Eunice Casteel

Alice Michael

Jennie Hays

Edythe McGowen

Myrtle Monroe

Nina May Pearson

Etta Engelman

Elsie Exton

Edna Michael

Wilma Giacone

Maude Pate

Iva Dailey

Ercel Liggett

Golda Williams


(Taken from phone book 1933)

kihere on-We 0 r RR 1 Muncie Oakvrood …………………. 3-21

AuenWAr-oo …. …… •••••-••••••••• 86-2

AnaersonHArRR 1Muncie

AnAridrewsder’echP Earrr°1111wwd …….. ………. 80-3

Baker Robert L r Oakwood ……. ….. ……….. . ………….. 78-5

Bank Oakwood State Oakwood

Bowies WRTRR 1

Bridgeman Gordon Garage Oakwood …

Burke Nick r R R 1 Oakwood ………se….. .4.

Burke T C r Oakwood.

Burton C R r R R 1 Oakwood

Carpenter JT r O akwood

Cagtzel Geo r Oakwood

cavithon d H undtkr Oakwood

r Oak-wood

chitwood F M r RR 1 Muncie Oakwood •

Clapp Sardis r RR 1 Muncie …

Cleveland Cincinnati Chgo & St, Louis Railway Co.

depot Oakwood

Conger Hugh r Oakwood

Cox Lee r RR 1 Oakwood .

Cramer Kelly r Oakwood …

Crawford Coal co. RR 1 Oakwood

Crawford R W r Oakwood

Dailey Fred, C r RR 2 Fithian Oakwood

Davidson Martha r Oakwood

Davis Cord r Oakwood

Davis Joe H r Oakwood….

Donovan Arley r R R 1 Oakwood

Downing John Fr R R 1 Oakwood

Endicott FLrRR1 Muncie Oakwood

Ervin Al r Oakwood

Ervin Clarence r R R 1 Collison Oakwood

Ervin Harry r R R 1 Muncie Oakwood

Fagaly Wm genl store Oakwood


Fahey Jas L restrnt Oakwood 28-3

Fahey Lillian M r Oakwood 38

Fairchild W E r Oakwood 57-5

Ferris Harry r R R 1 Oakwood 78-12

Fourez Camile r R R 1 Oakwood 41-21

Fourez Camile Jr. r Oakwood 5-3

Fox Mont r RR 1 Oakwood 56

Fox E H r RR 1 Oakwood 78-2

France Mike r Oakwood 8-5

Francis V E r RR1 Muncie Oakwood 34

Follington E r Olmstead Oakwood 32-2

Giacone Vincent r RR 1 Oakwood 41-14

Goodrich Geo r RR 1 Oakwood 57-3

Graham James r RR 1 Oakwood 67-12

Graham Van r R R 1 Oakwood 53-22

Green Richard LrRR 1 Oakwood 24-3

Green Roy E r R R 2 Fithian 24-2

Green W G r Oakwood 2

Grimes Elisha r RR Muncie 22-12

Grimes Elmer r R R 1 Oakwood 67-5

Grimes Ted rRR 1 Oakwood 65-21

Gutteridge Jas r R R 1 Oakwood 8-12

Rill Grant r RR 1 Collison Oakwood 53-13

Rill ma n Chas Jr r Oakwood 42-2

Hillman Grain Co. Oakwood 42-3

Howard H H r RR 1 Muncie Oakwood

Hunt 0 C r RR 1 Muncie Oakwood

Illinois Bell Telephone Co

IIlkWFrRR 1 Oakwocxl Joiner Edw r R R 1 Oakwood Tiger Herbert r R R 1 Oakwood

Lamb Freeman r Oakwood

Liggett Rosa r R R 1 Muncie

Litherland Jas r Oakwood

Lomax Geo r R R 1 Oakwood

Lone Star Service Station Oakwood

Martoglio Madeline G r Oakwood

Mason A R r Oakwood

Mason J Smith r Oakwood

Mason & Trent Bros Lbr Co Oakwood

Meade Delbert r Oakwood

Mendenhall C L r Oakwood

Metz 0 Belle r Oakwood

Michael Van BrRR 1 Oakwood Monroe Laura B r R R 1 Oakwood Monroe STrRR1 Oakwood Montgomery & Son genl mdse R R 1 Oakwood

Mozier Martha r Oakwood

Musson Alva r R R 1 Oakwood 85- 21

Neff L E genl mdse R R 1 genl mdse R R 1 Oakwood 67-2

Oakwood Village of Pres’s ofc Oakwood 36

Oakwood C H r R R 1 Oakwood 8-21

Oakwood C J r Oakwood 49

Oakwood Harvie r R R 1 Oakwood 8-2

Oakwood Township High School R R 1 Oakwood 22-2

Oakwood Wm Mrs r R R 1 Oakwood 51-2

Overmier Wm r R R 1 Oakwood 20-21

Pinegar R F r Oakwood 18

Redman V L Mrs r Oakwood 37-2

Richter Wesley r R R lOakwood 22-4

Rodgers Grain co R R 1 Oakwood 3-2

Rodgers Russell B r Oakwood 1

Rodgers W D genl store Oakwood 75

Rogers Hazel D r Oakwood 37-3

Schnorr Henry r R R 1 Oakwood 85-13

Schnorr Wilbur h r R R 1 Oakwood 45-12

Seyfert Albert r Oakwood 8-13

Seymour Ernest r Oakwood .92-2

Sims Herschell r R R 1 Oakwood 78-11

Snider W T MD r Oakwood 11

Standard Oil Co Oakwood 29

Stedman Frank r Oakwood 93

Stuebe Harry r Oakwood 14-2

Stuebe Oscar FrRR 1 Oakwood 85-14

Tevenbaugh George r R R 1 Collison Oakwood 53-2

Township High School Muncie Oakwood 22-2

Trimble Van r Oakwood 40

VanAllen Jas r R R 1 Muncie 9-23

VanAllen John W r R R 1 Muncie 20-22

VanAllen Kenneth service sta Oakwood 20-21

VanAllen O M r RR 1 Oakwood 20-13

VanAllen Robert r RR 1 Oakwood 53-3

VanAllen S A r RR 1 Oakwood 41-2

VanAllen W 0 r RR 1 Oakwood 20-11

Vinson C W r Oakwood 31

Vinson Frank r RR 1 Oakwood 67-3

Vinson George r RR 1 Muncie Oakwood 20-4

Wallen RWrRR1 Oakwood 67-21

Walter DHrRR1 Oakwood 53-12

Wilson Perry L R R 1 Oakwood 85-5

Woodlin Walter L r Oakwood 92-3


The Nineteen Forties brought a new era to Oakwood. The Great Depression was finally Over World War II was upon us. As in all wars patriotism ran very high. “Ike” and MacArthur were household names. Anyone in uniform was automatically a hero. Rationing was necessary. Every car had an “A” or “B” sticker on it. A 1943 copy of the Oakwood Township News for Thursday, April 1, told the following stories: c. J. Oakwood and son Clarence purchased the W. S. Fagaly Grocery and Retail Store on North Main Street. Red stamp rations (for meats, cheeses, edible fats, and oils and canned fish) expire April 30, F. W. Isenhower had for sale a small grain body for a long wheel truck. The Homer Theater at Homer was showing “Pittsburgh” Apr 2 & 3 with Marlene Dietrich, Randolph Scott, and John Wayne, and “The Road To Morroco” April 4, 5 & 6 with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour, The Oakwood Defense Committee was asking housewives to save tin cans, old silk hose, light bulbs, newspapers, magazines, and old grease. (old grease was made into explosives) Three groceries were advertised; W. D. Rogers & Son, A. B. Casteel and C. J. Oakwood & Son. Verne Swisher announced that haircuts would now be 40 cents. Perry Wilson announced that he was a Democratic Candidate for Highway Commissioner. Bridgman’s Standard Service Station now had 6.00 x 16 tires. Ration permit required. A Warm Morning coal stove was advertised. (Remember Those?) Down on South Oakwood lived a Fortune Teller. She reportedly had strange and mystic powers. Small children would cross the street and walk on the west side rather than walk in front of her house. Weekends would find her busy as people would ride the Interurban from Danville just to see her. The most common worry was how their loved ones in the Service were doing. One local boy was a prisoner of war. She said he would return home fine, and he did! The Fortune Teller has been gone a long time, but the house still stands. There are those who believe that her ghost still haunts that house.

The forties saw the passing of some prominent citizens; J. Smith Mason, a former Mayor, who owned the lumberyard and hardware, and was president of the bank and the building and loan. C.C. Andrews, Cashier of the bank and the building & loan who has been described as a dapper little man with turned up toes. – W.D. Rogers the Grocer and three of the Oakwoods; Charles, Harvey and Thomas. A new face came in 1946 as Fred Barnes came to run the Funeral Home for the new Funeral

Director Harlan Johnson. Harrison Rogers came home from World War II to run the family grocery. This was no easy task as there were four or five groceries in Oakwood at this time. Main Street in 1946.

Proud mothers of three scouts front Oakwood Troop 24 examines certificates given their sons after the youths were presented Eagle Scout awards Wednesday evening at a court in their honor in McMillan School. From left, Mrs. Leland Kinney and Lorin, Mrs. Bryan Foley and Marion, Mrs. Marshall Foley and Monte. The Foley boys are cousins. All three youths belong to the Order of the Arrow.

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