Newspaper articles are full of interesting information. These clippings are from my Aunt Margaret (Dad’s Sister)’s photo album.
The top left clipping shows my cousin Jo Ellyn coming in second in a contest for Tomorrow’s Children, Tomorrow’s Leaders.

There is an article about Lindsey Corbly – son of William Corbly – son of Rev. John Corbly. It’s interesting to me that the article seems to concentrate more on the family history than on Lindsey himself.

The article mentions that Rev. Corbly emigrated to the US before the revolutionary war, founded several Baptist churches, and had several children masacred by the Indians. Rev. Corbly is actually well known in history so all of this can be verified in several other places. It goes on to tell the history of the family and how they worked their way to Vermilion County. Lindsey was one of 8 children.

An article on the death of my great grandmother is very interesting as it lists one of Julia’s kids as Mrs. Lester Richter. My Grandmother was actually Mrs. Wesley Richter. My grandfather Wesley was a twin with Lesley and I suspect the author got them confused. I also noticed that she passed away the year before my father was born.

The final clipping is one of the most interesting. Apparently the newspapers considered it big news when family visited. You just have to read it to see what I mean. What I find interesting is this particular issue included my family in about half of the articles. I really love the line that Mrs. Eldridge was shopping in Danville on Tuesday. (and Frank Illk went to Fithian on Business Friday?) There are also lines that include information about family members visiting, so this can also be a great place to find information about family members…..


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