Looking through my own family photos I find that many of my family photos were Christmas pictures!  Everyone dressed up – and apparently I liked to put the bow on myself sometime during the evening while at my Aunt’s house too!  I definitely remember those hot wheels, and riding them around and around the house. That’s house one corner of the fireplace bricks got broken off!  I’ve forgotten that red cowgirl outfit, but seeing it makes me want to make myself a new one to wear again!

Christmas and Thanksgiving were the times of year everyone got together in my Aunt’s basement.  There was no invitation that I ever remember seeing, we just all knew to go.  Coats were piled in one of the bedrooms down the hall, and I’ll never forget my father’s reminding us as we left each year to leave with a better coat than we came with.

Kids would get passed around and the teens would hang out by the pool table at the back around the corner in the basement.  The brothers and sisters mostly all sat at the one table at the end, though my aunt Linda, if memory serves was usually around the couch or moving around.  Most of the cousins as we got older would hang out by the fireplace. I have no idea if there was ever a fire in it, but I remember sitting on the floor near it and talking to everyone.

The kitchen was always full of potluck from everyone, and by kitchen I mean the second kitchen down in the basement. – Though when I think of it, I can’t remember what was there other than lots and lots of food.  My favorite was always my Aunt Tootie’s noodles!  I would look for them every year.

I know other parties happened at my Aunt’s, just not that many pictures were taken.  Parties also occurred other times of the year, but Christmas was the biggest treasure trove.  I especially remember cookouts with Lemon Chicken (turns out the main ingredient was beer). where everyone stayed gathered in the back yard and barnyard.

We also gathered many times at my grandfathers years earlier, and get together at the pond where my aunt Linda now lives. There were also summers at my Uncle Franks – that included all sorts of things like snapping turtle… and of course 4th of July at my cousin Buddy’s!



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