Our current house has a landing part way up the stairs. I decided to decorate the stairs with current pictures of my immediate family.  Finding pictures was a matter of searching my hard drive for the digital photos that would match what I wanted and then printing them in the size I wanted.  Using printed pictures I’m sure the quality isn’t as high resolution as previous pictures, but guilt when we want ot swap out of a set of pictures is non-existent.  Currently I have a couple pictures of the boys at their current ages and some of them as preschoolers.

I included pictures of ourselves also, and some information about our family tree!  Below the family tree of photo frames I have an antique drop leaf gate leg table that includes a chess set on a runner.  On the table top is also a lamp from my childhood.  The lamp was one found in the Illk house when we moved in after Ralph Goodrich moved on.  It is designed to look like a dancer with a lace skirt and huge lace ‘hat’ for a lap shade.
   The bottom of the lamp is a nightlight with the top being a standard lamp.  I’ve been a little nervous to use the nightlight portion of the lamp for more than a few minutes due to the fragile feel of the skirt.  I think it would be likely to be a fire risk if it is lit and heats up.

I claimed this lamp when we moved into the Illk house when I was in second grade and still have it as well as the toddler sized doll.  I’d love to know more about the type of lamp and history of the lamp!

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