Frank, Tootie, Howard, and Juanita Cheuvront

It’s funny, this picture came up with Juanita Cheuvront filled into the title when I added it, but the actual name in my files is Frank, Tootie, Howard, and girlfriend.  I have no idea where the name Juanita Cheuvront came from.  This is one of those things that remind me that it’s always good to write things down when they happen!  In this case I should have recorded the source of the name when I found it out.  Is it written on the back of the picture, in the album, or did one of my relatives tell me.  Without source information it’s the equivalent of ‘iffy’ information.  It makes a lot more work to verify the info.

My Aunt Tootie is still around and may be who gave me the information.  If I get a chance I’ll have to ask her.  I did just google Juanita Cheuvront name and Danville Illinois.  A Michael showed up who graduated from Danville High school. He is listed as 57 so it seems there is a large age difference between him and what my Uncle Howard would have been.  My Uncle would have been 18 in 1940  – where Michael was a 1973 graduate, so he is definitely young enough to be my uncles children’s age. If he is a sibling of Juanita there was a huge age difference, more even than my dad and his siblings.

As the extra person isn’t one of my family members, for genealogy it isn’t really required to know who the extra is, but the more information the better – otherwise information gets lost over time.

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