James Yeazel is the Husband of my 3rd Great Aunt.   As I was searching the Littler side of the family though and was just wondering through the names, I came across the settlement of his estate.  Within the papers were forms to hand over the work to an administrator.   – In this case two people gave permission with one being his widow.


What I especially found interesting though was that everything was to be appraised and a set amount was to be set aside for the widow – enough to live on for 1 year from the looks of it.  Then I assume the rest would be dealt with.  In this case the amount in the estate was less than the amount normally handed to the widow for 1 years expenses, so the widow received everything.  I also found it interesting that the Value of Property allowed to the widow included the sewing machine.

I’m now curious to search the Illinois Wills site to see who else I can find!

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