In my Family Tree software, I looked up what I had previously on Leroy Trackwell.  He is listed as the Husband of my 1st Cousin 3X Removed.  I wonder at what point things should be removed from my tree.  It shows his wife is the daughter of Remus McArdle – Son of John and Nancy McArdle. 

I have listed 15 children, but only the first 8 in my system have birthdates.  Leading me to wonder where I got the others.  I started collecting information 30 years ago when I was a teenager.  So some of the information is pretty old.  I also was not as careful about documenting the source of information.  (Of course this started before computers too)….  I do have noted that the children with birthdates came from Karin McArdle who I still keep in touch with.  This is closer to her side of the family also, so those are more likely to be accurate.  At this point I may remove the individuals with no information and assume I can fill them back in if and when I find documentation….  Of course this leaves me with 8 children.  It also leaves me wondering about the 1900 census and the 1 year old listed….  Though interestingly enough the youngest child Gladys was born May 15, 1895 and the mother is listing as having died on May 20, 1895… And the census record I found for 1930 that I wondered about lists a Leroy Trackwell living with a Gladys Kessington in 1930 in Washington….  Then Leroy is listed as passing away in 1934 in Kansas.  It does look like this is the right Leroy Trackwell….  The records I have also don’t list an Effie Trackwell, but do list all the other names in the Census – and my records show this also with a Mary Effie Bridges married to William Trackwell and having a daughter Rosemary.  So that is backed up by the 1900 Census.  Also Margaret is missing from the Census and my records show her as having died in 1892 just over 1 year old.  So that goes to verifying this information also. 

So really though it comes back to how far from your own direct line is it worth investigating.  Though it is really interesting to find this information….

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