This bridge was immediately recognizable to me.  It’s no longer in existence – at least not at this location.  My kids used to call it the dangerous bridge. The road was moved over so that the road could be straight – here the bridge was in the middle of a sharp S Curve.  Both sides were slopes up to the bridge – and it would flood every time the river rose.  This was our favorite spot to put in a canoe though.

I once was coming to my parents and got my van stuck on the incline (side ways) . Talk about scary.  I had my oldest with, who was a baby at the time and luckily one of the neighbors took pity and finessed the van around and got it across the bridge.  It was VERY icy at the time.  I had slid all the way down the hill (which must be a mile down, or at least felt like it) to get to that point.

Funnily enough that isn’t why my kids called it the dangerous bridge.  It was because you could walk out on the bridge and look down through spots that had broken away in the floor and see the river floating by.

This bridge has now been replaced by a new straight bridge that can be rushed across at 50 MPH.  It has low sides, is concrete, and is down river a little ways.  My parents were happy when it was put in even though it involved them losing some of their field since it eliminated the need for them to drive an extra 5 miles or so with a combine to get to the field since they would have to go around through Oakwood and take the singing bridge road then cut around to get to the field less than a mile from their house.

It’s funny how much this bridge though sticks in your memory.  I would recognize it anywhere.  I remember spending hours at this bridge playing while my parents put canoes in the river – took canoes out, or just worked in a nearby field.

I do wonder how old that bridge was.

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