One of the notes my grandmother had written was about how close a family the Morettos were.  It’s funny that now that side of the family never seems to get together.  This month we lost my godmother, Jane Ann. Her brother Bernie was my godfather and had passed away many years ago.  She was brought home for the graveside service.  She was an amazing woman!  A few family members did make it to the service, but it’s surprising how scattered the family has become – and how little we see each other.  Everyone had to be introduced to each other and in many cases either hadn’t seen each other in years or had never met.

Jane Ann was a nurse in the uniformed service and had pioneered programs to help save limbs in diabetics.  She also had helped direct hospital programs for lepers.  It’s pretty amazing all the things she did during her many years of service.  She also though is remembered for almost losing her leg in a motorcycle wreck!

I remember each of the times we visited her and I remember each of the things she gifted me. Each one was special to me – everything from the cross engraved pens to the dual alarm clock and even the rosary made from pressed roses.  For our wedding she brought us a waterford crystal container and I still remember her talking about having to unwrap it for airport security   (before 9/11)  – The lead in the container won’t allow it to be xrayed.

She even came with her best friend Celeste to visit us at our current house.  I remember when they arrived (getting lost on the way) – they called for directions.  I had no clue where they were!  We had just moved here.  They finally made it to the school and went to grandparents day with my Kevin and Kristopher.  Kris introduced Jane Ann as his other grandma from Florida.  Then that evening we all headed out to eat at an Italian restaurant here in town.  Kevin was upset that someone was smoking and my mother asked them to stop since Kevin was having trouble breathing with the smother.  Afterwards the person said he totally understood since he had asthma.  I think that was the topic of conversation for the next hour.

I’d love to see more of my family both the Richter side and the Moretto (and McArdle) sides.  It would even be great to see more of the Andrew side.  I wish there was a way for people to get together for more than just funerals.

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