All sorts of great info!  Beatrice Elena Eldridge born December 6th, 1896 and Mildred Eldridge was my grandmother! It looks like she was practicing her writing here.

One article includes information on who attended the funeral of Lindsey Corbley.  I wonder if it was normal in a small town paper to list everyone that attended a funeral?

There is a letter from one sister to another.  It was from my Aunt Margaret’s album, so must be a letter from one of her sisters to her.

An article on the Strom’s wedding was included. So far I haven’t ran across anything about who they are though.  They aren’t in my family tree so not sure.

The funeral announcement for Mrs. Frank Illk is included as well as the funeral announcement for Julia Eldridge and Rilla Richter.

Finally included is another of the Lake Shore updates that include what everyone did for the week.  I am always surprised that they viewed visiting town or relatives newsworthy.  One I’ve seen even included that it had rained on Tuesday.  I wonder if the Vermilion County History Museum or the Danville Library has a record of these papers?


Lindsey Corbly article


East Lynn Couple






Rilla Richter Obit




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