Things that Make You Smile (food)

It’s funny the things that make you smile from your childhood (this time I’m talking about food).  A few of mine revolve around memories of my grandparents.  I was recently reminded of my grandfather Richter when I bought a package of Little Debbie Oatmeal cookies.   The little Debbie Sandwich cookies that I love and also the crust off of Chicken Pot Pies are two of my favorite things that remind me of him.  The final thing is the Concord Grapes (white) that grew out front of his house.  – The grapes are pretty impossible to find in seedless. I’ve found them once and savored them.  I rarely have pot pies, and almost never by the cookies – but when I do it’s a really special event.  Grandpa Richter passed away when I wasn’t even a teenager yet so there aren’t that many memories, but I do remember him sitting at his kitchen table giving me his pot pie crust from those Banquet Chicken Pot Pies.  At the time I was such a picky eater that’s all I would eat of the pot pie – and forget the crust that had touched the gooie stuff. 🙂   I do remember cookouts at the pond, but food isn’t what sticks out in my mind from those.

I also can’t pass up Turtles when I get the chance, but they are a memory of my Grandmother Wakeland.  She would get Turtles for each of the grandkids each Christmas.  I think it started back when the schools would sell Katheryn Brach products as fundraisers.  She would buy a tin each year (so would my mother) and we would eat one every few days.  I think it’s now a different brand, but my mother has taken on the tradition of getting my brother and I a box of Turtles at each Christmas.   I think my kids just view it as a Christmas tradition, but for me it’s a memory of childhood.

I also remember my father making fudge.  I’ve never found a similar fudge and my dad doesn’t make it anymore.  I think it was the only thing he made and it was a special treat when he made it.  It involved him mixing together a mishmash of sugar and ingredients (none of which were measured) and then heating them.  He would get a cup of water and drop a little in every so often, until some magic time when it balled in the water.  Then he would pour it out on the wax paper.  We would cut pieces every so often and have a small treat.  (We also got Chocolate bars that would sit on the counter and cut off small pieces every so often as a treat)  I’m not that big on Chocolate, but if I ever find that type of fudge (or a recipe) I’m going to make it for my kids. I keep thinking one day I’ll convince my dad to make it for me one more time (and I’ll pay attention this time to the recipe).

Not all my memories from childhood revolve around food, but there are some foods that trigger great memories!