Golf Course

As kids my Aunt once decided to teach us to play golf (my brother and I).  She showed us how to hold a club and some of the basics…  My dad, who normally didn’t do a lot with us – he was always busy with the farm, decided to build us our own golf course.  My dad went around our yard and dug little holes putting cups in them.  Our yard was fairly large, so by the end we had a pretty big ‘golf course’.  At other times we had used parts of it as baseball diamonds also!

So when trying to figure out what to do with my son for his birthday I decided since he likes golf – Let’s make a (mini) golf course!  So we got some parts, and put out a course all over.  We used lawn ornaments like gnomes from around the yard and made our own course for his party.

My dad also spent time during off seasons making things like race tracks for us – using a tractor, digging ponds for everything from fishing to ice skating, and making paths for snow mobiles.  There was never a dull moment.  I can’t give my kids all the same things, but hopefully we can do a little of the same type of fun.  The mini golf course was unique for sure!