Spending time with Family? Too Late?

Judy and Diane McArdle

Judy and Diane McArdle

My cousin Judy passed away last Friday. The story I remember best about her was one my mother told about Judy going to get her Phi Beta Kappa Key from the University of Illinois.  Judy was smart, VERY SMART, but she looked like a sorority girl.  The long bright red hair, Hawaiian shirt, and always ready to go out and have fun attitude.   Well, Judy got in line to receive her key, and was told by the person in front of her that she must have the wrong line!   Why?  Because it was an honor society, not a sorority.  Judy belonged there probably more that many of the people in line, but her looks, and maybe even the generation (and she was a woman)…. led her to be suspect to being in the wrong line.

Judy went on to get her PhD from University of Illinois in Clinical Psychology and work at Adolf Meyer Health center in Decatur Illinois up until it closed.   She originally wanted to work with kids, but the job was with adults, and every time she tried to quit they just kept giving her a raise.  (At least that’s the story she told us)…..  I remember calling her while I was working on my degree in Psychology at EIU in Illinois and asking about my plans as I questioned my career choices.  She talked to me and advised me “Don’t go into Psychology”.  I did go on and get my Bachelors, but taking her advice – I became a computer programmer even before I graduated and never used my degree – going on to get a Masters in Business.

The last time I had spoken to her, it was a while back, but she was evaluating workers for mental stability at the nuclear power plant.  I always assumed there would be more time to see Judy again. We plan to move home after we retire, giving us time to see everyone then……  but is it really.  Judy’s passing was a sad thing, and occurred way before it should have been her time to go.  It’s now impossible to turn back the clock and get more time…..


Dr. Judy A. McArdle, of Westville, passed away at 3:17 p.m. Friday, April 8, 2016, at her home.
She was born on Aug. 18, 1944, in Danville, the daughter of Frank and Ruth (Wilson) McArdle, both deceased.
Judy graduated from University of Illinois and received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and worked as a Psychologist. Judy had a passion and love of animals. She was always rescuing strays and a supporter of the local humane society. She had four cats who were family, Gracie, Wolf, Opal, and Tom-tom, and encouraged everyone around her to rescue animals. Not only was Judy a brilliant academic, but a supporter of the arts. Judy loved to draw, listen to music, and was a voracious reader. She was a runner, mushroom hunter, horse-back rider, and had a green thumb that could grow anything. She will be missed by all, especially by friends in Decatur.
Judy will also be dearly missed by her brother, Gary McArdle of Westville; her sisters, Diane Saddler and Brenda Erickson, both of Danville; her nieces and nephews, Dr. Tracy McArdle, Dr. Amber McArdle, Brock McArdle, and Jenna Maxian, whom she was extremely proud of and of their accomplishments and was a huge advocate for education.

Source: Commercial News, Dr. Judy McArdle Obituary 4/11/2016