Religious Freedom….

As the question is raised time and time again recently I am brought back to the question I asked previously (…..

In history the United States was founded based on separation of Church and State.  A large part of the reasons for the country involved people leaving England because the King of England was forcing his religion on the people within the country.  Ultimately a new country was founded to allow for that freedom and to protect those rights it was expressly written into the constitution that the people were free to choose.  (And this means choose what religion they believe in without being forced to follow anther’s beliefs. ) To ensure this freedom the government. To gain these rights the people went to war with the King of England and fought for our freedom.

To ensure that these rights were maintained and separation of church and state occurred – some states put in place laws that no ministers could serve office.  My ancestor being the first minister thrown out of office as a minister because of this.  We currently have people making the news making the argument that – People that don’t follow their religious beliefs can just go to another county (if you read country hear we can just go back over 200 years)….

I too am really getting tired of hearing the said person’s name and hearing her all over the news.  I’ve even seen opinion pages comparing her to Rosa Parks (The page said let Christians move to the front of the bus)….  The author obvious knows nothing about Rosa Parks history….. 1. heIMG_0743r seat was in the colored section in the front of the bus. 2. she didn’t give up her seat because she was tired – it had nothing to do with moving from the back of the bus to the front.  The segregation case was Brown vs. the Board of Education and involved school busing to the ‘white schools’.

I do want to quit hearing this in the news, but I also want everyone to have equal rights under the law.  The current case going on isn’t a case of someone being forced not to practice her own religion – it’s a case of someone trying to force others to practice her religion.

Whatever you believe in….  I think everyone should agree that kindness to strangers and treat others and you would like them to treat you should play into this.  I can’t think of one person I know that would say they haven’t done something at one point of another that they would do differently if doing it again.