Corbly Family Bible

Corbly Family Bible

CoverI’m currently working on repairing a family Bible. The Bible itself is pretty amazing. I’ve fixed the spine already and am now working on the pages. The center of the Bible contains the family information and is readable.

Throughout the Bible are pages with beautiful pictures that appear to have had tissue paper pages on the opposing sides. All the images other than one appear to be in good shape. The image needing the most repair includes Moses with the 10 commandments.

The pages have all taken on a yellow tinge from the acid in the paper.  Supposedly paper kept out of the light and air will stay white, but this bible was stored in an attic, then a basement and over time moved to be stored in a bedroom until finally coming to stay with me.  I have the Bible now in an acid free box with small containers to absorb any moisture.  Included in the box is now acid free tissue paper.

Bible PageI’ve been taking the Bible out as needed to work on the pages. I chose a kit from Gaylord Archival that is museum quality. Gaylord has several Book Repair kits, including some new tool kits.  The kit I have includes book binding materials, binding glue, tape for the pages, and several other materials.  – I’ve finished the binding and am now working on the pages.

Filmy tape allows the page to be placed together and the tape to be placed over the tear.  The tape is almost invisible after being put over the repair.    I’ve fixed a few pages, and the tape is working perfectly when the page is whole – but has a rip in the page.   I’m at more of a loss when it comes to the repair of the pages that are missing pieces. Missing pieces along the binding edge are the most complex.  I’m still working on finding the best method to deal with those pages, but first have been working my way though the pages that are least damaged.


Later I will need to look through the pages and find the best way to deal with the yellowing.  The yellow pages are throughout the Bible and if there would be a method of reducing the discoloration it might take some time and effort.  The Bible is definitely worth the effort though and the majority of the sections have minimal damage.

Bible Page

MosesBible PageThe Finding of MosesPageRoaz and Ruth



Inside Page

Religious Freedom….

As the question is raised time and time again recently I am brought back to the question I asked previously (…..

In history the United States was founded based on separation of Church and State.  A large part of the reasons for the country involved people leaving England because the King of England was forcing his religion on the people within the country.  Ultimately a new country was founded to allow for that freedom and to protect those rights it was expressly written into the constitution that the people were free to choose.  (And this means choose what religion they believe in without being forced to follow anther’s beliefs. ) To ensure this freedom the government. To gain these rights the people went to war with the King of England and fought for our freedom.

To ensure that these rights were maintained and separation of church and state occurred – some states put in place laws that no ministers could serve office.  My ancestor being the first minister thrown out of office as a minister because of this.  We currently have people making the news making the argument that – People that don’t follow their religious beliefs can just go to another county (if you read country hear we can just go back over 200 years)….

I too am really getting tired of hearing the said person’s name and hearing her all over the news.  I’ve even seen opinion pages comparing her to Rosa Parks (The page said let Christians move to the front of the bus)….  The author obvious knows nothing about Rosa Parks history….. 1. heIMG_0743r seat was in the colored section in the front of the bus. 2. she didn’t give up her seat because she was tired – it had nothing to do with moving from the back of the bus to the front.  The segregation case was Brown vs. the Board of Education and involved school busing to the ‘white schools’.

I do want to quit hearing this in the news, but I also want everyone to have equal rights under the law.  The current case going on isn’t a case of someone being forced not to practice her own religion – it’s a case of someone trying to force others to practice her religion.

Whatever you believe in….  I think everyone should agree that kindness to strangers and treat others and you would like them to treat you should play into this.  I can’t think of one person I know that would say they haven’t done something at one point of another that they would do differently if doing it again.



Yes, My mother and I joined the DAR the other day.  Not only that but we joined the Cameo Society in the DAR.  My mother seems to be enjoying it and I really wish I could make it to the meetings – I joined the same chapter since really I feel more at home there.

What’s interesting is while talking about it, my middle son made a comment that made me realize he has no clue how much I care about my family history (and current family).  I have a super amazing family that has done a lot of things for the country, the family, and themselves.   Personally I’m pretty proud of the fact that I’m a farmer’s daughter that went on to college and not only got a bachelors degree but also a masters!  My mother was a coal miner’s daughter that lost her father at 3 years old.  Her mother (my grandmother) who was not only first generation American, English as a second language, and the only one of 10 kids to go to high school went on to own a bar for a short time and keep my mother and herself fed and housed.  My great grandmother came to the US with three kids by herself through Ellis Island to meet up with my great grandfather and kept having kids until she lost my great grandfather when my grandmother was 3.  She cleaned houses to support them all up until she wasn’t able to anymore and the oldest kids could take over.

On the other side of the family my father lost his mother at 13.  That side of the family has some amazing stories also that go all the way back to the founding of the country!  They even include Rev. John Corbly whose second wife and children were scalped by the Indians by Fort Garard PA.  I’m descended from wife 3 but his story is no less amazing with all the things he went through in his life – from being part of the forming of the first government to forming a section of the Baptist Church.

Personally, I’m pretty proud of the family I come from – I’m not sure the best way to instill in my kids that same feeling.

Rev. John Corbly Family Massacre

The Corbly family lived one mile north of Garards Fort, in southwest Pennsylvania at the John Corbley Farm. The massacre occurred on Sunday morning, May 10, 1782, as the Corbly family traveled on foot to their place of worship. The Corbly family had left their home and were on their way to worship at a place where Reverend John Corbly was to preach. When Corbly discovered that the Bible, which he thought was in Mrs. Corbly’s care, had been left at home, he returned to get it and then followed his family, meditating upon the sermon he was to preach.

A party of Indians were on Indian Point, an elevation of land from which they could see John Corbly’s cabin. The Indians descended the hill, crossed Whitely creek and filed up a ravine to the place, about forty-nine rods north of the present John Corbly Memorial Baptist Church, where the helpless family was massacred. Two of Corbly’s daughters, Delilah and Elizabeth, lived after brutal scalpings. Mrs. Corbly and the three remaining children were killed.

Because of the rise of ground the fort was out of view of the massacre, but was within hearing distance. The screams of the Corbly family were heard there and in a few minutes men on horseback rushed from the fort to give help.

The John Corbly Memorial Baptist Church was built in 1862. A plaque erected by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) in 1923 and set in a boulder reads: “Fort Garard built about 1774”. The Corbly massacre took place about 279 yards north on May 10, 1782. A family reunion of John Corbly descendants takes place every year on the last Sunday in June, at the John Corbly Memorial Baptist Church in Garards Fort, PA. A historic review follows the 9:30 AM church service at 11:00 AM with a potluck dinner afterwards.

Delilah lived to age 65 and reared ten children with Levi Martin. Elizabeth died at age 21, a few days before she was to marry Isaiah Morris of Garards Fort. Only John Jr escaped unharmed.

On wikipedia, I found a transcript of a manuscript which was a handwritten account of the Hanna and Corbly families, with the following passage [misspellings are as they were written]:

My History on My Mothers’ Side – She was a grand daughter of the Rev John Corbly.

A copy of a letter from Mr John Corbly a Baptist Minister to his friend in Philadelphia – dated Muddy Creek Sep 1 1792 (Whitley was called Muddy Creek at the time).

“The following are the particulars of the destruction of my unfortunate family by the savages on the 10th day of May last 1791. Being my appointment to preach at one of the meeting-houses about a mile from my dwelling house, I set out with my loving wife and five children for public worship, not suspecting any danger. I walked behind a few rods with my bible in my hand meditating. As I was thus employed on a sudden I was greatly alarmed by the frightful shriks of my dear family before me. I immediately ran to their relief with all possible speed vainly hunting a club as I ran. When within a few yards of them my poor wife observing me cried out to me to make my escape. At this instant an Indian ran up to shoot me. I had to strip and by so doing out ran him. My wife had an infant in her arms which the Indians killed and scalped after which they struck my wife several times but not bringing her to the ground. The Indians who attempted to shoot me approached her and shot her through the body after which they scalped her. My little son about six years old they dispatched by sinking there hatchet into his brain. My little daughter four years old they in like manner tomahawked and scalped. My elder daughter attempted an escape by concealing her self in a hollow tree about six rods from the fatal scene of action. Observing the Indians retiring, as she supposed, she deliberately crept out from the place of her concealment when one of the Indians who yet remained on the ground espying her ran up to her and with his tomahawk knocked her down and scalped her. But blessed be God she yet survives as dose here little sister whom the savages in like manner tomahawked and scalped. They are mangled to a shocking degree but the doctors think there are some hope of their recovery. When I supposed the Indians gone I returned to see what had become of my unfortunate family whom also I found in the situation above described. No one my dear friend can form a true conception of my feelings at this moment. A view of a crime so shocking to humanity quite over come me. I fainted and was unconsciously boarn off by a friend who at that moment arrived to my relief. Thus my dear Sir I have given you a faithful though short narrative of the fatal castraphe amidst which my life is spared but for what purpose The Great Jehovah best knows. Oh may I spend it to the praise and glory of his grace who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will. The government of the world and its church are in his hands. I conclude with wishing you every blessing and subscribe myself your affectionate though afflicted friend and unworthy brother in the gospel ministry. John Corbly. “