Collins McArdle Telegram

I’m sure this came from Karin also.  It’s a telegram from the early 1900s showing the death of Collins McArdle in Tonganoxie Kansas. It says he died ‘this PM.’ and I’d swear it says ‘Come Answer’  It’s signed Henry Gieb.  Reading documents like this is never easy. As time goes on they have yellowed or darkened with age making them difficult to ready.

Looking at my records Henry Geib was the husband of Lulu McArdle – Henry Geib was the son in law to Collins McArdle and Collins is listed as passing away in 1909 matching up with the telegram.  I have been trying to figure out the to on the telegram though.  It looks like it’s a Clarinda Keltner  – I did find a Claude Keltner so that most likely is the person.  Claude is the husband to Jennie Mae McArdle (also a daughter of Collins McArdle). Jennie Mae moved from Kansas to Oklahoma.

From all this I think this telegram was the method that one daughter (and Son in law) used to tell the other that their father had passed away….

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