Declaration of Intention

This is a letter showing that after an investigation showing that my great grandmother arrived on or before June of 1905 – they allowed her to file for citizenship without a certificate of arrival.  It’s funny how now those papers are pretty easy to find, but the original paper copies were not easily accessible- even knowing date, ship, and so on.  It does make me wonder about my aunts that arrived with my great grandmother.  How did they get citizenship?  Did they get citizenship?  One, Francis, died shortly after arriving…  but my great Aunts Mary and Maggie survived until the 80s. I wish I had thought to ask them at the time.  I remember a visit to the hospital to visit one while I was in school….

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Collins T. McArdle – Postal Carrier

Collins was the first rural mail carrier in the Covington, Garfield Co., OK area – selling the route to John Fortnay, his assistant, sometime around 1920-1923 when he & his family moved to Vinita, OK.
Collins T. McArdle was born in Virginia, but lived most of his early life in Vermilion Co, IL. where my part of the family stayed. He moved his family to Leavenworth Co, KS in 1866. Collins took part in the Cherokee Strip Land Rush – taking along several of his sons & daughters. He & a few of his children remained on his claim long enough for his patent to be completed, then sold his land & returned to Leavenworth (Tonganoxie area), Kansas where he died in1909. Collins T. McArdle was my First Cousin 3X Removed.   (His grandfather was my 3rd great-grandfather)

My records list this as a picture of Collins T. McArdle.  It shows him in uniform getting ready to deliver mail.   I think the source of this picture is Karin McArdle.  Her husband is descended from Collins T. McArdle and she has done a lot of research on that branch of the family.


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