Hidden Treasure – Family Bible

When my grandmother passed away my mother passed me a few things to look through and for the boys.  Most were Sunday Missals for church and bibles. My boys were attending the local Catholic School so she thought they might be interested.  I put them to the side and finally found time to look at one.  The one I happened to pick was a bible that had initials on the front.  I was surprised to find out it was my mother’s brother and sister’s mother’s family bible.  I’ve since given it back to my mother to pass on to my cousins, but I took pictures of the family pages before passing it on.

The bible is from the early 1900s and late 1800s and is full of information.  It has a W.G. on the front which is my Aunt and Uncles grandmother.  There was even a T. Wakeland listed which took me a while to realize wasn’t my Grandmother, but my Grandfather Wakeland’s brother.  (Actually my mother figured that one out)  These bibles are full of information!  Many times they include not only Births, Deaths, and Marriages, but also major family events in history.