Richter Family-1374-1I visited my parents last weekend to help take my mother to the Dr. (Okay so delay in posting, it’s now been a little bit) .  Can you really go home?

My brother now lives in our old house.  It’s amazing how small the rooms have gotten. It really can’t be me.  New people live in my grandfathers house, even my dad now cash rents his land out to someone else to farm.

I love seeing all my family but all my cousins, aunts and uncles are all busy.  As time goes one it’s hard for us all to get together for family gatherings.  Also the places to go have even changed!  The truck stop was gone!  I drove in pick up food and it literally a pile of rubble.  There was a new place across the road that had the option to pick up food so I did get dinner.

I remember when the big meeting spot in town was the basement of the new bank.  My wedding shower was there!  My aunt would have meeting for Watkins and everyone would get together.  Now I don’t know if they still have dinners there, but I’m fairly certain it’s been at least 15 years since I’ve been to anything there.

As I walked into the local ‘new’ restaurant to pick up dinner and looked around I didn’t recognize anyone. More than likely i knew someone, the town is only a few hundred and my family has been there about as long as the town, but I didn’t recognize a single person.  Same town I went to high school at, my dad did, and all of the rest of his family!  So it brought me back to can I really go back home.  How is it possible I didn’t recognize anyone?  Were they all new people to town? Had they changed that much?  Scarier even; is my memory that bad?

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