Officers of the Church

Officers of the church

  • Moderator writing clerk deacons &
  • The pastor shall be the standing moderator but in his absence the clerk if presented will nominate one from the body

Duty of the moderator

  • He shall take the chair precisely at hour to which they may have you or the preceding day he shall immediately call the members to order he cause the journal of the preceding day by read 2. He shall preserve order and decorum he may speak to points of or in presence to other members subject an appeal to the house by any two 3. He shall rise to put a question but state it sitting questions shall be put 4 as soon as the journal is speaker shall call for petitions the member of the petitions having entered & disposed of reports shall be called for & doing which the speaker shall each committee in the oraler he may invite brethren of is any presented to a deat in immunisanty to partake table 6 if the votes are he may give the casting to vote may leave the

Duty of the

  • He shall make a proceedings of the church before an adjournment



Final judgment at which the wicked will

All way into an everlasting punishments and the

It into life eternal

We believe there are two gospel ordinances for the visible order of Christ church via baptism of the lord’s supper and that the apostles administered the former by immersing that candidates in the water and non that but those that are truly born of the Spirit of God have a right to be baptised & that we have no right to invite any to commune with us at the lords table but such as are in good standing & full fellowship with us & have a right to administer these ordinances but such as are legally ordained to that work by the authority of the Church.

We believe that notwithstanding the gospel ministers are called Bishops or Elders overseers or stewards of the manifold mysteries of gaudy yet they are not lords over god’s heritage are not invested with an ink at legislative nor magistracies authority but a truly declaratory argumentative and persuasive.

We believe it is the duty of Christians to all deserve a 1st day of the week as the date of rest from the labor and spend the hours of the same in the exercise and private devotion and religious instruction except in cases of necessity or mercy and to give of our souls the support of the gospel ministry according as it was prophesied to us.


We believe it is the duty of Christians to maintain the worship of God and by thanks giving & prayers.


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