State of Illinois
County of Vermillion

               This is to certify that on the first day of March 1856 the undersigned Robert A Jones + John Isaac Littler and on the sixth day of February 1856 the undersigned Seneca Stearns were dub elected trustees of Walkers Point Baptist Church the county of Vermillion and the State of Illinois and that said trustees were elected as aforesaid. To hold said office during good behavior & while they continue members of said church.

               In witness where forever have hereunto let our hand that this 2nd day of July 1856

Isaac Littler
Seneca Stearns
Robert Jones

Isaac Littler me of above named trustee on one’s states, that the facts set forth in above certificate are true and correct.

Isaac Littler


Sworn to and submitted before me this 28th day of July 1858        Samuel Glerarg Clerk VCC

By W Cunninham Def


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