Walkers point church met Saturday, January 3, 1857 preaching by Carter when the peace of the church was called for when it became the painful duty of the clerk to say that we were not in peace that seven of our young members had been engaged in dancing some of them several edit time and that the clerk as one of the deacons had visited two of them the offenders without receiving any satisfaction as to the guilt of the matter at issue which led to considerable discussion two of the sisters express themselves in a manner not becoming sisters in the church one said that it was no more harm to go to a dance then it was to attend a social party, the others that he the deacon had done more harm than good in visiting the young people.

Finally the church appointed Harrison Stearns and Hugh Wiley a committee to visit these young people and labour with them and cite them to here at the meeting and make satisfaction to the church adjourned till tomorrow at 11 o’clock Sunday, January 4 met pursuant to adjournment preaching by Carter from Ecclesiastes 11 church ninth verse at the close of the sermon it was moved and seconded that the fifth Sunday in March not be the time to dedicate our house of worship of the God of the church and had our meeting commence on Tuesday night preaching the fifth Sunday and that we through the Christian times carry all the ministers in the Bloomfield Association to attend and form MacLean Association the two themes Elder cons and HJ Eddy G.W. Carter MOD Joseph Jones clerk



Walkers point church met Saturday, January 31, 1857 preaching by James M Lackey of Southern Illinois followed by Carter organized for business first report of committee called for when on motion and second resolved that we defer having the report and that we appoint a special meeting on Saturday next at 2 o’clock to meet in the school house adjourned. JW Carter moderator Joseph Jones clerk

walkers point church came together on Sabbath February 8, 1857 preaching by Lackey adjourned till 6:30 met pursuant to adjournment preaching by AC Blankenship followed by Lackey at the close of the services it was announced that owing to the constant rain on Saturday the church failed to come together by motion and second resolved and that we meet in this house on Tuesday next 10 instant at 11 o’clock adjourned till Tuesday the 10th

Tuesday morning met pursuant to adjournment preaching by AC Blankenship next appointed AC Blankenship moderator after reading the former minutes preceded to investigate the case on hand when three of the offending sisters made satisfaction and was reclaimed second charges were brought against other sisters but failed to sustain them third four young men were charged with frequent dancing failed to make satisfaction were excluded William Flaugher Henry Hartman Alexander McKay John littler Junior adjourned AC Blankenship moderator Joseph Jones clerk




On Friday, 20 March 1857 Elder Creighton Elliott of Hamilton County Ohio visited the Walkers point church had to preaching had preaching at one half past 6:00 PM also 11 on Saturday and one half past in the evening

Sunday, March 22 11 o’clock preaching by Elliott they read that what whom the Lord shall receive their 10th and I’ll past in the evening preaching by Elliott then adjourned till Tuesday night

Tuesday evening 24th of March met pursuant to adjournment spent the time in praise and prayer

Wednesday 25th preaching by Elliott spent some time in social converse adjourned to 3 o’clock met pursuant to adjournment preaching by Elliott

Thursday 26th 10 o’clock preaching by Elliott Redd had a remember lawyer whence thou art fallen repent and do the first cork and Rev. felt that the sermon was appropriate to them adjourned to 3 o’clock preaching again by Elliott adjourned to Friday 10 o’clock

Friday 27th 10 o’clock preaching by Elliott at the close of the sermon Sarah C Carr wife of RA Jones related the exercise of her mind and was received for baptism adjourned to one 6:30 preaching again by Elliott adjourned till 10 tomorrow

Saturday 28 met for worship preaching by Rev. B Thomas of Bloomington Illinois from Zachariah 4C later clauses of six verse adjourned to 6:30 o’clock and immediately repaired to the water where the ordinance of baptism was administered by G.W. Carter then dispersed

met pursuant to adjournment preaching by Elliott from Hebrews 26th ninth verse dismissed to 10 o’clock





Walkers Point Church met Saturday May 2nd. Preaching Elder Carter absent. 1st appointed Hugh Wiley Mod  2nd order request Brother Samuel Dalbey and wife granted letters of dismissal. Adjourned. Hugh Wiley Mod              Joseph Jones Clerk

Walkers Point met Saturday June 6th 1957 1st brethren John Littler & Harrison Stearns was appointed a committee to engage a pastor & report at the next meeting adjourned. GW Carter Mod                Joseph Jones Clerk


Walkers Point Church met Saturday July 18th Preaching by Carter 1st request of committee called for when the following repost was made by that we have Conferred with brother Carter and he will serve us for the ensuing year. 2nd Repost received & committee discharged. 3rd The clerk to write a letter to the association & present it at the next meeting

4th appointed brethren J Jones H Stearns



Sunday morning 29th met pursuant to adjournment when the deprecation sermon was delivered by the Revd. h j eddy of Bloomington Illinois from to a large & attentive audience at the close of the service took a public collection of $22.28 cents to pay the building expenses of the ministers then adjourned for dinner one-hour intermission

previous arrangements having been made the table was spaced in the grove where all partook of refreshment when the cloth was removed the audience were again seated in the house prayer offered by Lucky when Benjamin Thomas agent of the American bible union addressed the audience on that subject at the close of the service received twelve new life memberships to the union adjourned to 6 o’clock

met pursuant to adjournment preaching by Thomas

at the close of the sermon all the ministers were stationed in front of the pulpit in order to receive the parting hand when all Christians were invited to participate when that familiar hymn when shall I see Jesus was sung they gave the parting hand the brethren forming on the left and the sisters on the right at the close Elder Elliott led in prayer informing the choicest blessing of god to rest upon at presented this ended the deal auction services at walker’s point





Hugh Wiley J Litter & S Shamus as delegates to the association adjourned to 25th of the inst.  G.W.  Carter Mod  Joseph Jones Clerk

Walkers Point Church met Saturday 25th July opp opened by singing & prayers past appointed H Stearns Mod 2nd the clerk read the letter to the Adjourned then and was received. 3rd Brethren John Litter, S Stearns * R A Jones be our committee of arrangement to receive and distribute company & to see that all are provided for. 4th resolved that we have our communion leas on during the adjuration. 5th resolved that we meet on Monday spe leading the Absolution & exit a stand for Sabbath preaching adjourned. H Stearns Mod        Joseph Jones Clerk

Walker point church met Saturday sept 5th 1857 pastor absent opened by praise & organized by appointing Harrison Stearns Mod

1st resolved that we have a committee of three to bare subscription to raise if we can three munched dollars to support Elder Creighton Elliot for me year & report at next meeting Resolved that that committee consist of Isaac Litter, Seneca Stearns & R.A Jones.

Adjourned in peace

H Stearns Mod J Jones Clerk





Our clerk tendered his resignation & was released & brother Isaac Littler appointed to fill the vacancy then adjourned. H Stearns Mod     Joseph Jones Clerk

Walker Point Church met Saturday 1957 preaching by pastor then organised for business. 1st appointed brother Jones Clerk 2nd Report of committee called for & over to the next meeting. 3rd Brother Jones read a letter from Brother Elliott of Ohio stating that he would from & after the first of January visit labor for this Church all his time for one year for three hundred in money & one hundred in work all action defend writ to morrow adjourned to candle light.

Walkers Point Church met Saturday Nov 31st 1857 preaching by Elder Carter church then organized for business. 1. Report of their committee called for then they submitted the following report 160 dollars by subscription committee continued 2 brother’s H Stearns was appointed a committee to talk to sister Nancy Deacon & brother James Flaugher for not attending church adjourned.

G.W. Caster Mod J Littler Church Clerk

Walkers Point church met Saturday Dec 5 1857 Opened by praise & prayer 1 appointed brother H Stearns moderator church then organized for business. 2 called for the report of their committee they reported 160 dollars raised by subscription report received & committee discharged when brother R Jones said he would raise the rest of the money voted then that we send Elder Elliot a Call



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