Rules of Evidence

Their fellowship and if any member is not satisfied their reception should be defect.             Rules of Evidence 1st when a charge of a private offence or personal injury is brought against a member; with proof that the two previous steps, Mothers have been taken without success it should be and a time appointed for trial by the

2nd charge of a public offence against a member voluntarily introduced should be entertained the church till the same steps have been taken but the church may at it’s discretion appoint a committee to investigate public reports of such

3rd all charges, of public or private offence member, should be distinctly specified

4th no member should be convicted before testimony of two or three witnesses.

5th  Habits of neglect of duty may be charged without specifying particular instances and an of offence of the same kind may be proved to the court if the accused on the testimony of three witnesses although no more than one witness testify to a single instance of offence in the series.

6th in the trial of public offence, not personal, compliant is a competent witness.

7 the accused should, at his request, be found with a copy of the charges against him. 8th no testimony, except that of actual witness’s verbal or written is admissible on

The articles of faith and Rules of to be read when requested and amended when ever an all the member are in fou





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